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Estate Planning:

We believe planning your estate makes a profound impact on your loved ones and provides strength to your family by preparing for the uncertainties of life.At Carlin Law, creating an effective estate plan need not be an expensive endeavor. Taking the time, with the help of a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney,prevents many issues from arising in the future. Review your estate plan periodically, and after any major life events, to ensure it complies with your wishes in every stage of life.

Last Will & Testament:

A will is a document that gives specific guidance to a personal representative and the probate court (the court that oversees the distribution of property and debts of a person who has passed)and is essential for addressing important concerns and ensuring your wishes are carried out. Many people do not wish to address the issue of drafting a will before they pass but is one of the most caring things you can do for your family. It removes the pressure from them by clearly determining how your property will be divided and designated, who will care for your minor children, and who will oversee carrying out your wishes.

Revocable Trust:

You may include trusts in a will to provide long-term protection and ease. A revocable trust accomplishes everything a will does, but without the lengthy delays, expenses, and publicity of probate proceedings in probate court. Trusts are a legal construct that “holds” property and assets for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals. The term “revocable” allows you to move assets in and out, as well as to change your mind. It gives you the ability to amend or revoke parts or even the entirety of the document.

Powers of Attorney:

At Carlin Law, we draft powers of attorney and other documents that allow another person to act on your behalf while you are still alive. This is especially important when situations arise that render it difficult or impossible for you to make decisions on your own behalf. That person is then able to make health care decisions, pay your bills, upgrade your insurance plan, carry out personal wishes, etc. Powers of Attorney provide clear instruction to ensure your desires are honored and reduce conflict regarding the management of your affairs.